High Dry
High temperature drying programme for Cottons and linen items, always refer to the care label.
Low Dry
Low temperature drying programme for synthetics and mixed fibres, always refer to the care label.
Wash & Dry 59’
When you only have a few items to wash and dry in a hurry, this 59 minute cycle is
the ideal time saver!
Suitable for a light 1.5kg load size (e.g. 4 shirts) or slightly dirty fabrics, this cycle will
wash, rinse, spin and dry your garments in under an hour.
We recommend that you reduce the detergent dosage when using this programme to
avoid wastage.
Refer to the programme guide (pg. 26)
Information for the test laboratories (Ref. EN 50229 Standards)
Use the programme ** with the maximum wash time selected, maximum spin speed and a
temperature of 60°C. Programme recommended also for test with a lower temperature.
First drying with 5kg selecting the cotton drying programme (HIGH DRY) store dry ( ).
Second drying with 3kg selecting the cotton drying programme (HIGH DRY) store dry ( ).
All Baby
You can wash all baby clothes together, at medium temperature, resulting in hygienic
and perfectly clean items when combined with heavy duty soap. This is possible thanks
to the ideal pre-dose of water and detergent, that is sprayed onto the laundry through
the 8 jets activating the enzymes at 50°C.
All Delicate
The rocking movements of the drum, combined with the action of the 8 jets, deliver a
perfect result also on Delicates at 30°.
8 Pulse Technology helps the pre-mix of water and soap, penetrating deeply into the
fibers; the inverter motor moves the drum in a way to optimize the distribution of the
pre-mix of water and soap, without damaging clothes. The result of this combination
guarantees a more accurate stain removal and treats the fabrics with extreme care.
All in One 20°
Thanks to 8 pulse technology, this innovative programme, allows you to wash fabrics
such as cottons, synthetics and mixed fabrics at 20°C with a performance which is
comparable to a 40°C wash.
The consumption of this program is about 50% of a conventional 40°C. Cottons wash.
Important Wash Performance Advice
New, coloured garments should be washed separately for at least 5 or 6 washes
Certain large dark items such as jeans and towels should always be washed separately
Never mix NON COLOURFAST fabrics