Connecting the drainage pipe
This machine must be connected in accordance with the water supply regulations.
Water bylaws prohibit connection to a surface water drain.
Decide which plumbing option suits you best then follow the instructions below:
Option 1 - Waste pipe connection (waste trap)
Fit the hooked end support to the outlet pipe and position it at least 800mm off the
After removing the blanking plug, or cutting the membrane from the waste system,
securely fix the outlet pipe to the drainage system, using a hose clip.
Secure the hooked end support up to at least 800mm to avoid water being drawn
back into the machine.
Option 2 - Into a standpipe
Ensure that the standpipe is not located near an electrical socket.
Fit the hooked end support to the outlet pipe. Install the hose into the standpipe
ensuring that the pipe is at least 500mm from the floor.
Insert the outlet pipe approximately 100mm into the standpipe.