Dispensing instructions

The detergent drawer is split into 3 compartments:
The first, labelled "1", is for detergent
utilised during Prewash.
The second, labelled "2", is for detergent
utilised during the main wash.
The third, labelled is for special additives
such as fabric softeners, fragrances, starch,
brighteners etc.

Dispensing in the drum

Liquid detergents and some tablets are dispensed via the machine drum using the
recommended dispensing device which is placed upright on top of the wash load
towards the back of the drum. Some tablets are designed to be placed in the dispenser
drawer, check the detergent pack for details.
Do not put any items into the drawer other than detergents that are designed to be
dispensed from the drawer as they may cause blockage or damage.

Items to avoid

We recommend that you do not wash underwired bras in the machine. Should the
wires become detached they could cause damage to your clothes and the machine. If
the wash care label states that the bra is machine washable then we advise placing it
in a wash bag.


Always follow the wash care labelling on the garments.
Fasten zips, tie strings and close press-studs to prevent tangling. Ensure that pockets
are emptied of loose change and other small items.
Unfold all items before placing them in the machine.
Check that there are no metal objects in the laundry as these may damage the laundry
and the machine.
Place small items in a wash bag.
Divide the laundry according to the type of material (the symbol on the garment label)
and colour, making sure that whites are separated from coloured garments
Do not exceed the values indicated in the Programme Guide which refers to the
weight of the laundry items when they are dry.