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Incorrect operations are often mistaken for trouble and malfunctions. If you think that there is something

wrong with this component, check the points below. Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component.

Investigate the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the trouble cannot be rectified even

after exercising the checks listed below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to

carry out repair work.

The power does not turn on.
No sound is output when a function is selected.
No image is output when a function is selected.
Considerable noise in radio broadcasts.
Broadcast stations cannot be selected
No sound from surround or center speakers.
Noise during playback of a cassette deck.
Sound is produced from other components, but
not from LD or DVD player.
No sound is output or a noise is output when
software with DTS is played back.
When a search is performed by a DTS
compatible CD player during playback, noise is
Can’t operate the remote control.
The display is dark or off.
• Connect the power plug to the wall outlet.
• Disconnect the power plug from the outlet, and insert again.
• Make sure there are no loose strands of speaker wire touching the rear panel.
This could cause the receiver to shut off automatically.
• Make sure the component is connected correctly (refer to pages 16–27).
• Press MUTE on the remote control to turn muting off.
• Adjust the MASTER VOLUME.
• Press the MONITOR button to turn monitoring off.
• Make sure the component is connected correctly (refer to pages 19–20).
• Select the correct component (use the MULTI CONTROL buttons).
• Tune in the correct frequency.
• Connect the antenna (refer to pages 21–22).
• Route all cables away from the antenna terminals and wires.
• Fully extend the FM wire antenna, position for best reception, and secure to a wall.
• Connect an outdoor FM antenna (refer to page 22).
• Adjust the direction and position for best reception.
• Connect an additional internal or external AM antenna (refer to pages 21–22).
• Turn off the equipment causing the noise or move it away from the receiver.
• Place the antenna farther away from the equipment causing the noise.
• Connect an outdoor antenna (refer to page 22).
• Refer to Speaker setting on page 48 to check the speaker settings.
• Refer to Setting the relative volume level of each channel on page 54 to check
the speaker levels.
• Connect the speakers properly (refer to pages 23–24).
• Move the cassette deck further from your receiver, until the noise disappears.
• Set the SIGNAL SELECT to AUTO, DIGITAL or ANALOG according to the type
of connections made. (refer to page 39).
• Set the digital input settings correctly (refer to page 53).
• Make digital connections (refer to page 17) and set the SIGNAL SELECT to
DIGITAL (refer to page 39).
• Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the DVD player.
• Set the digital volume level of the player to full, or to the neutral position.
• Refer to the manual supplied with the DVD player.
• This is not a malfunction, but be sure to turn the volume down to prevent the
output of loud noise from your speakers.
• Replace the batteries (refer to page 8).
• Operate within 7 m, 30° of the remote sensor on the front panel (refer to page 8).
• Remove the obstacle or operate from another position.
• Avoid exposing the remote sensor on the front panel to direct light.
• Press FL DIMMER on the remote control repeatedly to return to the default.

If the unit does not operate normally due to external effects such as static electricity disconnect the power plug

from the outlet and insert again to return to normal operating conditions.