H323 Install Page 20

15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2

1.13 Power Supply Options
Each H323 IP phone requires a power supply. They do not draw power from the IP Office phone system. Listed below are
the power supply options that can be used.

Spare Wire Power Options

The following power supplies use the normally unused pin 7 & 8 connections in the CAT3 or CAT5 network cable. This is
referred to as "spare wire" or "mid-span" power supply units. They can be used with 4600 Series and 5600 Series IP
·Avaya 1151D1 Power Supply Unit (PSU)
A power supply unit for a single IP phone. Has a LINE port for the LAN cable from the IP Office, and a PHONE port
for the LAN cable to the IP phone. Power into the PSU requires a 90 to 264V AC, 47 to 63HZ mains supply. A
green LED indicates when power is available.
·Avaya 1151D2 Power Supply Unit
Same as the 1151C1 above but with integral battery backup. When AC mains supply is removed, the battery will
power the IP phone for between 8 hours at light load (2 Watts) and 15 minutes at full load (20 Watts). A green
LED indicates when power is available. A yellow LED indicates when the backup is charging. The green LED flashes
when the phone is running from the backup battery.

Dedicated Plug-Top Power Supply Units

1600 Series IP phones can be powered using plug-top PSU's. Different models of PSU exist for various power outlet
sockets. These connect to the phone using a barrel connector.