H323 Install Page 13
15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2
IP Office IP Phones: Simple Installation
1.6 Complex Installation
The diagram below shows a scenario where more than 5 IP phones are being supported. The key difference is that the
file server and DHCP support must be done using 3rd-party applications.
·For IP Office 4.2+ running on an IP500 IP Office system, the full capacity of up to 272 extensions is supported
using the IP Office for DHCP. Control units with an Embedded Voicemail memory card installed can be used as the
HTTP file server for up to 50 IP phones.
·DHCP Server
In this scenario, the IP Office role as DHCP server must be replaced by an alternate DHCP server. This requires
that the DHCP function of the IP Office unit is switched off. Therefore the IP Office unit must be given a fixed IP
address (or act as a DHCP client).
·File Server
In this instance an alternative file server application must be used.