H323 Install Page 58
15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2
5. Restart Scenarios
The sequence of the restart process depends on the status of the boot and application files on the TFTP server and those
already downloaded to the phone. This appendix explains the different scenarios possible.
All of the following start-up processes involve the same initial steps as the phone negotiates with the DHCP and the TFTP
·After power is applied the phone displays Restarting….
·Initializing is then displayed.
·When either the application file (if there is one) or the boot code is uncompressed into RAM, Loading is displayed.
Since this takes a while, asterisks, then periods, then asterisks are displayed on the second line to indicate that
something is happening.
·When control is passed to the code in RAM, Starting is displayed.
·The phone detects and displays the speed of the Ethernet interface in Mbps (that is 10 or 100). The message No
Ethernet means the LAN interface speed cannot be determined.
·The Ethernet speed indicated is the LAN interface speed for both the phone and any attached PC.
·DHCP is displayed whilst the phone obtains an IP address and other information from the LAN's DHCP server. The
number of elapsed seconds is incremented until DHCP successfully completes.
·If the phone has been setup using static addressing (by pressing * when DHCP is shown), it will skip DHCP
and use the static address settings it was given.
·Note that uploading a new boot file at any time erases all static address information.
·TFTP is displayed whilst waiting for a response from the TFTP server. 46XXUPGRADE.SCR is displayed whilst
downloading the upgrade script TFTP server.
·TFTP Error: Timed Out is displayed if the phone cannot locate TFTP server or upgrade script file. If the phone
has been previously installed it will continue with the existing files in its memory.
·After the upgrade script is loaded, the sequence depends on the status of the files currently held in the phones
memory, compared to those listed in the upgrade script.
·Boot File Need Upgrading .
·No Application File or Application File Needs Upgrading .
·Correct Boot File and Application File Already Loaded .