H323 Install Page 32

15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2
2.5 Phone Registration
For new phones and phones that have been reset , the phone will request an extension number. If auto-create is
enabled the extension number used, if free, will create new extension and user entries in the IP Office configuration. If
auto-create is not enabled, the extension number used must match a VoIP extension entry within the IP Office
configuration, see Manually Creating Extensions .
1.Following file loading the phone will request extension information:
·Ext. =
Enter the extension number the phone should use and press #. Wrong Set Type is displayed if you try to
use the extension number of an existing non-IP extension.
·On 4601 and 5601 phones, this stage is indicated by the lamp at the top of the phone and on the
MESSAGES button flashing 0.5 seconds on/off.
·Password =
The password used is as follows:
·If using auto-create for a new user and extension, just enter any number and press #. Any digits entered
for a password here are not validated or stored.
·If not using auto-create extension for a new extension, enter the user's Login Code as set in the IP
Office configuration.
·During subsequent phone restarts, even though the password is requested, it will only be validated if the
phone's extension number is changed.
2.Test that you can make and receive calls at the extension.