H323 Install Page 38
15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2
2.10 Error Messages
The 4600 Series H323 IP phones issue error messages in English only.
·Checksum error
Downloaded application file was not downloaded or saved correctly. The phone automatically resets and attempts
to re-initialize.
At least one of the IP addresses offered by the DHCP server conflicts with another address. Review DHCP server
administration to identify duplicate IP addresses.
·Failed to set phone IP address
The IP phone was originally installed on one switch with Static Addressing and has subsequently been installed on
another switch with an active DHCP server assigning dynamic IP addresses. Reset the phone.
·File too large cannot save file
The phone does not have sufficient room to store the downloaded file. Verify the proper filename is administered
in the TFTP script file and that the proper application file is located in the appropriate location on the TFTP server.
·Hardware failure
Hardware failure prevented downloading of application file. Replace the phone.
·IP Address in use by another
The phone has detected an IP address conflict. Verify administration to identify duplicate IP addresses.
·No Ethernet
When first plugged in, the IP phone is unable to communicate with the Ethernet. Verify the connection to the
Ethernet jack, verify the jack is Category 5, verify power is applied on the LAN to that jack, etc.
·No file server address
The TFTP server IP address in the IP phone's memory is all zeroes. Depending on the specific requirements of your
network, this may not be an error. If appropriate, either administer the DHCP server with the proper address of
the TFTP server, or administer the phone locally using the ADDR option.
·Resetting on URQ
Restarting following a reboot of the IP Office Unit.
·System busy
The resource being called upon should be checked for its availability. If it appears operational and properly linked
to the network, verify addressing is accurate and a communication path exists in both directions between the
phone and the resource.
·Timeout Error
Protocol timeout error. Retry. If failure continues, check network congestion, addresses, etc. to identify cause of
·TFTP Error
Request for file from TFTP server timed out. Check that IP Office Manager or the indicated TFTP source within the
IP Office configuration are running and that the 4600 Series phone software files are available.
·Wrong Set Type
Another device is already assigned to the extension number of the IP phone.