H323 Install Page 66
15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2
7. Alternate DHCP Server Setup
The recommended installation method for H323 IP phones uses a DHCP server. When 5 or less H323 IP phones are being
supported, the DHCP can be performed by the IP Office Unit itself. However, if more than 5 H323 IP phones are being
supported, a separate DHCP server must be used.
·For IP Office 4.2+ running on an IP500 IP Office system, the full capacity of up to 272 extensions is supported
using the IP Office for DHCP.
This document outlines, as an example, the basic steps for using a Windows server as the DHCP server for IP phone
installation. However, the principles of defining a scope is applicable to most DHCP servers.
You will need the following information from the customer's network manager:
·The IP address range and subnet mask the H323 IP phones should use.
·The IP Gateway address.
·The DNS domain name, DNS server address and the WINS server address.
·The DHCP lease time.
·The IP address of the IP Office unit.
·The IP address of the PC running Manager (this PC acts as a file server for the H323 IP phones during