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15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2

Static Administration Options: Resetting a Phone

4.6 Site Specific Option Number
The Site Specific Option Number (SSON) is used by IP phones to request information from a DHCP server that is
specifically for the phones and not for other IP devices being supported by the DHCP server. This number must matched
by a similarly numbered 'option' set on the DHCP server that define the various settings required by the phone.
The default SSON used by Avaya 4600 and 5600 Series IP phones is 176. The default SSON used by Avaya 1600 Series
IP phones is 242. For phones being supported by IP Office DHCP, the SSON used by the phone must be matched by the
site specific option numbers set in the IP Office configuration (System | LAN | Gatekeeper).
Do not perform this if using static addressing. Only perform this procedure if using DHCP addressing and the DHCP
option number has been changed from the normal default (176).
Setting the SSON on an IP Phone:
1.While the phone is on-hook and idle, press the following sequence: Mute 7 7 6 6 # (Mute S S O N #). SSON= is
displayed followed by the current value.
2.Enter the new setting. This must be a number between 128 and 255.
3.To cancel this procedure, press * or press # to save the new value.
Setting the SSON on IP Office
Note that changing the IP Office SSON settings requires the system to be rebooted.
1.In IP Office Manager, receive the system's current configuration.
2.Double-click System.
3.Click the LAN tab.
4.Select the Gatekeeper sub tab.
5.Set the Site Specific Option Number (SSON) fields to the required numbers. For IP Office 4.2+ two SSON field
are available.
6.Click OK.
7.Send the configuration back to the system. Select Immediate or When Free as the Reboot Mode.