H323 Install Page 53

15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2

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4.4 Self-Test Procedure
1.To start the IP phone self-test procedures, press the following sequence: Hold 8 3 7 8 # (Hold T E S T #). The
phone does the following:
·Each column of programmable button LED's is lit for half a second from left to right across the phone, in a
repeating cycle. The Speaker/Mute LED and the message waiting LED are also lit in sequence.
·Buttons (other than #) generate a click if pressed.
·Phones with displays show Self test #=end for 1 second after self-test is started. Then a block character (all
pixels on) is displayed in all display character locations for 5 seconds. Display of the block character is used to
find bad display pixels.
2.One of the following is finally displayed:
·If self-test passes:
Self test passed
·If self-test fails:
Self test failed
3.To end the self-test, press #. The phone returns to normal operation.