H323 Install Page 34
15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2
2.8 Backup Restore
1600 Series H323 IP Telephones support using a HTTP server as the location to which they can backup and restore user
specific data. These options are used if the location of the HTTP server for backup/restore has been specified in the
phone 46XXsettings file.
·The address of the HTTP server for backup/restore operation is separate from the address of the HTTP server used
for phone firmware files downloads.
·The HTTP server being used for backup/restore will require configuration changes to allow the phones to send files
to it.
Backup is used when the phone user logs out of the phone. During the log out process, the phone creates a file
containing the user specific data and sends that to the BRURI location. The file is named with the user's extension
number and _16xxdata.txt, for example 299_16xxdata.txt.
Restore is used when a user logs in at the phone. The phone sends a file request for the appropriate file based on the
users extension number. If the file is successfully retrieved the phone will import the settings and, after a "Retrieval OK"
message, continue as normal. If the file cannot be retrieved, a "Retrieval failed" message is displayed and the phone will
continues with its existing settings.

Specifying the BRURI Value

1.Open the 46xxsettings.txt file.
2.Locate the line containing the SET BRURI value.
3.If the line is prefixed with # characters, remove those and any space.
4.After SET BRURI, enter a space and then the address of the HTTP backup server, for example SET BRURI If necessary you can specify the path to a specific server directory and or include a
specific port number, for example SET BRURI

HTTP Authentication

HTTP authentication can be supported. If set it will be used for both the backup and the restore operations. The
authentication credentials and realm are stored in the phone's reprogrammable non-volatile memory, which is not
overwritten when new telephone software is downloaded.
Both the authentication credentials and realm have a default values of null. If the HTTP server requires authentication,
the user is prompted to enter new credentials using the phone. If the authentication is successful, the values used are
stored and used for subsequent backup and restore operations.

Manual Backup/Restore Control

Users can request a backup or restore using the Advanced Options Backup/Restore screen, as detailed in the user guide
for their specific telephone model. or specific error messages relating to Backup/Restore.