H323 Install Page 50
15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2
4. Static Administration Options
A number of settings can be altered through the phone after installation.
·Values assigned through static administration override any set through the 46xxsettings.txt file. They will
remain active for the IP phone until a new boot file is downloaded.
These procedures should only be used if you are using static address installation. Do not use these procedures if you are
using DHCP.
·To set parameters for all H323 IP phones on a system, you can edit the 46XXsettings.scr script file.

Hold vs Mute

Many of the static administration features are accessed using key sequences that begin by pressing either MUTE or
HOLD. In most cases it does not matter whether HOLD or MUTE is used.

Entering Data for Administrative Options

This section describes how to enter data for the administrative options.
1.All local procedures are started by dialling Hold and then a sequence of up to 7 numbers followed by #.
2.After the Hold button is pressed, a 6-second timeout is in effect between button presses. If a valid button is not
pressed within 6 seconds of the previous button, the collected digits are discarded and no administrative option is
3.Attempts to enter invalid data are rejected and the phone emits an error beep.
4.If a numeric digit is entered for a value or for a field of an IP address or subnet mask after only a zero has been
entered, the new digit will replace the zero.
5.To go to the next step, press #.
6.To backspace within a field depends upon the phone type:
·4601, 4602, 5601, 5602: Speaker key.
·4606: Conference key.
·4612 & 4624: Previous key.
·4610, 4620, 4625, 5610, 5620: Left-most key.