H323 Install Page 14

15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2

1.7 Installation Requirements
To install an IP phone on IP Office, the following items are required:
·o Extension Number and User Details
A full listing of the planned extension number and user name details is required. The planned extension number
must be unused and is requested by the phone during installation.
·o Power Supplies
Each phone requires a power supply. Avaya IP phones do not draw power from the IP Office. A number of options
exist for how power is supplied to the phones. See Power Supply Options .
·o LAN Socket
An RJ45 Ethernet LAN connection point is required for each phone.
·o Category 5 Cabling
All LAN cables and LAN cable infrastructure used with H323 IP phones should use CAT5 cabling. Existing CAT3
cabling may be used but will be limited to 10Mbps (maximum).
·o LAN Cables
Check that an RJ45 LAN cable has been supplied with the IP phone for connection to the power supply unit. You
will also need an additional RJ45 LAN cable for connection from the power unit to the customer LAN.
·A further RJ45 LAN cable can be used to connect the user's PC to the LAN via the IP phone [not supported on
4601, 4602, 5601 and 5602 H323 IP phones].
·o Voice Compression Channels
The IP Office Unit must have voice compression channels installed. Channels are required during the connection if
calls involving IP phones and may also be required during the call. See Voice Compression Channels for full
·For Small Office Edition units, either 3 or 16 voice compression channels are pre-built into the unit.
·For IP400 control units, voice compression channels are provided by fitting a Voice Compression Module .
·For IP500 control units, channels are installed using a IP500 VCM base card and licenses or using IP400 VCM
modules on an IP500 Legacy Card.
·o DHCP Server
The IP Office Unit can perform this role for up to 5 IP phone devices. If another DHCP server already exists, this
may be able to do DHCP for the H323 IP phones, see Alternate DHCP Servers . Static IP addressing can also be
used, if required, but is not recommended.
·For IP500 IP Office 4.2+ systems, up to 272 IP phones are supported using the IP Office Manager.
·o HTTP or TFTP File Server
A PC running the IP Office Manager application can perform this role for up to 5 H323 IP phones. Otherwise an
alternate HTTP or TFTP server is required.
·o H323 Gatekeeper
The IP Office Unit performs this role.
·o IP Office Manager PC
A PC running Manager is required for IP Office Unit configuration changes. This PC should have a static IP address.
·o IP Telephone Software
The software for IP phone installation is installed into the IP Office Manager program folder during Manager
·o Licence Keys
IP Office supported H323 IP phones do not need a licence key entered on the system. The only exception are IP
phones running Avaya VPN remote software, see VPN Remote Phones .