H323 Install Page 33

15-601046 Issue 14j (10 March 2009)IP Office 4.2

Installation: Phone Registration

2.6 Extension & User Setup
If installing using auto-create extensions, you can now use IP Office Manager to open the IP Office unit's configuration
and alter the extension and user settings for the phone.
The following process covers the minimum extension and user setup required.
1.In Manager, receive the system's configuration.
2.To display the list of existing extensions, click Extension.
3.The icon indicates VoIP extensions. A new extension will have been created matching the extension number
entered above. In the extension's VoIP tab, the Compression Mode default is Automatic Selection.
4.To display the list of existing users, click User. In the list of users, a new user will have been created
matching the VoIP extension number above.
5.Double-click on the IP phone extension user to display their settings.
6.In the User tab, set the user Name and Full Name as required.
7.Click the Digital Telephony tab.
8.For the first three buttons, you must click on the Action field and select Appearance | Appearance.
9.Click OK.
10.When all new IP phone extension have been setup, send the new configuration back to the system. Set the
Reboot Mode to Immediate or When Free as extension changes cannot be merged.
2.7 Phone Security
There are a number of methods by which additional security can be implemented to ensure that an IP phone does not
adopt the identity of another.
·Disable Auto-Create Extension
Following installation, disabling Auto-Create Extn Enabled in the IP Office Manager System | Gatekeeper tab stops
new IP devices from assigning themselves as new extensions.
·Restrict the IP Address or MAC Address
Entering either of these values in the Extension's VoIP tab will restrict usage to that address or device. The MAC
address of an IP phone is printed on a label on the base of the phone.
·Set a User Login Code
If a user Login Code is set, then any other IP device trying to log on as that extension must also enter the correct
login code. If a login code is set, the user can use hot desk to log off and log on elsewhere.