01X Owner’s Manual 7
About This Manual
This manual consists of the following sections.

Before Using (page 14)

Use this section to find out about all of the buttons, controls and connectors of the 01X. It also explains how to set up the
instrument and connect external equipment.

Basics Section (page 25)

This section provides an overview of the main functions and features of the 01X and introduces you to the basic operating

Getting Started (page 43)

This section explains how to use the basic functions of the 01X.

Reference (page 84)

This is the 01X encyclopedia. It explains all functions and parameters including the Remote functions.

Appendix (page 115)

This section contains various important lists such as the EQ Library list, Dynamics Library list, Effect Parameter list, and
MIDI Implementation Chart.
This section also contains detailed information on the 01X such as MIDI, Display Messages, Troubleshooting and Specifi-

Installation Guide (separate booklet)

Refer to this for instructions on installing the included software programs (on the CD-ROM) to your computer. This also
contains necessary system requirements for the 01X and supplementary software, mLAN setup, Remote Control Setup,
as well as information how to play the demo song, and computer software that can be controlled from the 01X.
Copying of commercially available music sequence data and/or digital audio files for any purpose other than your own per-
sonal use, is strictly prohibited.
This product incorporates and bundles computer programs and contents in which Yamaha owns copyrights or with respect to
which it has license to use others’ copyrights. Such copyrighted materials include, without limitation, all computer software,
styles files, MIDI files, WAVE data and sound recordings. Any unauthorized use of such programs and contents outside of per-
sonal use is not permitted under relevant laws. Any violation of copyright has legal consequences. DON’T MAKE, DISTRIB-
The illustrations and screen displays as shown in this owner’s manual are for instructional purposes only, and may appear
somewhat different from those on your instrument.
Most of the computer display examples in this owner’s manual are taken from the English version OS/software.
The name “mLAN” and its logo ( ) are trademarks of Yamaha Corporation.
The company names and product names in this Owner’s Manual are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respec-
tive companies.