01X Owner’s Manual 9
Powerful software applications
Included with your 01X are a variety of useful plug-ins and software programs to help you get the most out of the mixer
and your computer music system.
• 01X Channel Module
This plug-in software provides at-a-glance control over all Dynamics and EQ processing for an 01X channel. It lets
you call up Dynamics and EQ Library presets from the computer, tweak them using the intuitive controls and compre-
hensive displays, save your custom settings, and import/export settings to and from the connected 01X. In this way,
you can set and use the Channel Module to process your sequencer tracks on the computer, and export the settings
to the 01X—using the hardware processing on the mixer to save processing power on your computer.
• Plug-in Effects
Use these powerful tools in your sequencer or DAW for recording, processing, editing and mastering:
Vocal Rack — Multi-effect processor perfect for recording vocals
Pitch Fix — Comprehensive, “fix-it-in-mix” pitch editing for vocals
Final Master — Mastering effect w/multi-band compressor, limiter, and soft-clip feature
• Studio Manager for 01X
This stand-alone virtual mixer software is a convenient direct link between the 01X and your computer. Utilizing the
mLAN connection, it provides virtual channel strips for all 01X channels— with faders, pan controls and real-time
stereo metering—and lets you see all your Dynamics and EQ edits on the monitor.
• SQ01 V2 (Windows only)
This is the latest version of Yamaha’s powerful audio/MIDI sequencer, featuring a new Audio Mixer window. The
SQ01 V2 lets you easily record, edit and play back your own songs on computer, and provides a seamless environ-
ment for the included Plug-in software (as well as third-party plug-ins).
• TWE Wave Editor (Windows only)
This audio editing software is comprehensive, yet simple and easy to use—giving you the tools to change, enhance
and transform your audio recordings.
• Multi Part Editor for MOTIF-RACK (Windows only)
This convenient software allows you to edit the Mixing parameters (including effects) of the MOTIF-RACK from your
computer, when using the MOTIF-RACK as a multi-timbral tone generator.