Using your IP Phone 1210
Using your IP Phone 1210
After you familiarize yourself with the IP Phone 1210 features, you can
start to use the phone. This section describes how to use the
IP Phone 1210.

Getting started

The following section introduces the important details of the
IP Phone 1210. Carefully read every section before you operate the new
IP Phone 1210.
“Before you begin” on page23
“IP Phone 1210 display” on page24
“IP Phone 1210 controls” on page24
“Installing your IP Phone 1210” on page30

Before you begin

Take the appropriate precautionary measures before you connect the
IP Phone 1210.
Consult your system administrator to
ensure that you plug your IP Phone into a
10/100BaseT Ethernet jack. To avoid
severe damage to your IP Phone, do not
plug your IP Phone 1210 into a regular
phone jack.
Use your IP Phone 1210 in an indoor
environment only.