Operating your IP Phone 1210

Displaying call details

During an active call, use the Display feature to display the caller’s
number and name (if available) without interfering with the call.
Managing calls while away from your desk
You can use the following features when you are away from your desk to
manage an incoming call and to ensure you do not miss a call:
“Using Call Forward” on page 82
“Using Internal Call Forward” on page83
“Using Remote Call Forward” on page85

Using Call Forward

Use the Call Forward feature to direct incoming calls to ring on another
line (DN). A call already on your IP Phone cannot be forwarded.

Activating Call Forward

Use the following procedure to activate Call forward or change the call
follow number
1. Press the Display key.
The call waiting information appears.
If you use another feature, you can use
the Display key to access information
associated with those feature keys.
1. Press the Fwd soft key.
Lift the handset and enter the Call
Forward All Calls Activate FFC.