Operating your IP Phone 1210
Managing multiparty calls
Use the following features to enable multiparty conversations:
“Using Call Join” on page 88
“Setting up a Conference Call” on page 88
“Using Conferee Selectable Display” on page89
“Using Group Call” on page91

Using Call Join

Use the Call Join feature to connect a new caller to an active call. This
connection creates a conference (conversation involving more than two
parties) between the two callers and yourself.

Setting up a Conference Call

Use the Conference feature to initiate a conference call for a group of
three to six people including yourself. The maximum number of people
supported in a conference call depends on the IP Phone configuration.
1. To connect a call on hold to your current
call, press the Conf soft key.
2. Press the Handsfree key to connect the
caller to your current call.
3. Press the Conf soft key again to join the
person on hold to your conversation.
1. During a call, press the Conference key
to place the party on hold.
You hear a dial tone.