Operating your IP Phone 1210
Operating your IP Phone 1210
This section describes how to operate your IPPhone 1210. It describes
the operations like “Entering and editing text” on page 63 and “Making a
call” on page 64.

Entering and editing text

You can enter and edit text on your IP Phone 1210 using the following
“Using the telephone dialpad” on page63
“Using the soft keys” on page63

Using the telephone dialpad

You can use the dialpad to enter text.
For example, to enter the letter A, press the 2 key once. To enter the
letter C, press the 2 key three times.
Note: No letters are associated with the 1 or the 0 keys.

Using the soft keys

You can use soft keys to edit text.
Table 9 on page 63 describes the soft key editing functions on the
IP Phone 1210.
Table 9: Editing soft key description (Part 1 of 2)
Soft key Description
Cancel Cancel Action.
Choose Select a symbol.
Clear Clear the input field.