Operating your IP Phone 1210
Paging features
The IP Phone 1210 supports the following paging voice call features:
“Using Call Page Connect to make an announcement” on page96
“Using Radio Page” on page 97

Using Call Page Connect to make an announcement

Use the Call Page Connect feature to make an announcement over a
paging system.
Note: A Page key on an attendant console overrides and disconnects
the IP Phones. The IP Phones must reaccess the page trunk.
3. Dial the Automatic Wake-Up time in a
24-hour time format (hhmm).
You hear a confirmation tone if your
query matches the preset time.
To enter the time in a 24-hour time
format, enter the hours followed by the
minutes. For example, to configure the
time to 7:30 a.m., enter 0730; to
configure it to 9:45 p.m., enter 2145.
4. Press the Goodbye key.
1. Lift the handset.