Operating your IP Phone 1210
Using Handsfree dialing
Use handsfree dialing to make a call using the built-in microphone and
speaker, or a headset.
During a call, you can perform the following tasks:
“Terminating a handsfree call” on page66
“Muting a handsfree call” on page67
“Switching from handsfree to handset mode” on page67
“Switching from handset mode to handsfree” on page67
“Using a headset” on page 67
“Switching from handsfree to headset” on page68

Terminating a handsfree call

Use the following procedure to terminate a handsfree call.
1. Press the Handsfree key.
If a headset is connected, press the
Headset key.
2. Dial the number.
1. Press the Goodbye key.