Terms you should know
Navigation keys
Keys used to scroll through menus and lists appearing on the
LCD display screen.
Any line selected to make a call or receive a call. The term off-
hook is applied whether (a) the end user lifts up the handset, (b)
the end user presses a line key, (c) the call is automatically
answered at the IP Phone, or (d) a line is automatically selected
for an outgoing call.
Paging tone
A special tone (two beeps followed by dial tone) that sounds
when you use the Radio Paging feature.
Ringback/ring tone
A sound indicating that a call you have made is ringing at its
Services key
A fixed key used to access options such as Telephone Options,
Password Admin, Virtual Office Login, Virtual Office Logout, Test
Local Mode, and Resume Normal Mode.
Shared Directory Number
A DN (extension) that is shared by two or more persons.
Special Prefix code (SPRE)
Special codes entered using the dialpad, followed by a two-digit
access code, that enable features (for example, Call Forward All
Calls requires entry of SPRE code + 74).
Soft keys
A set of keys programmed by your system administrator. These
four keys, directly below the display area, have four