Customizing your IP Phone 1210—advanced features
Configuring an Electronic Lock on your IP Phone
Use the Electronic Lock feature to prevent others from making calls from
your IP Phone. Your SCPW controls the Electronic Lock feature. To
change your Station Control Password, see “Managing your Station
Control Password” on page 50.

Locking your IP Phone 1210

Use the following procedure to lock your IPPhone 1210.
6. Enter your new password using the
dialpad. To enter special characters,
press the Up key. For information about
entering text, see “Using the telephone
dialpad” on page63.
7. Press the Select soft key to accept the
new password.
Note: If you are locked out of your IP
Phone, or if you forget your SCPW,
contact your system administrator.
1. Lift the handset.
2. Dial the Electronic Lock Activate FFC.