Customizing your IP Phone 1210—basic features
Selecting a local dialpad tone
When you press a key, the response can be a Dual-Tone Multi-
Frequency (DTMF) sound, a single tone, or no sound. This is known as
the Local Dialpad Tone.
Use the following procedure to choose a local dialpad tone.
2. Press the up or down keys to scroll
through the list to view display
3. Press the Cancel soft key to return to
the Telephone Options menu.
1. Press the Services key, select
Telephone Options, and select Local
DialPad Tone.
2. Press the up or down keys to scroll, and
select one of the following dialpad tones:
None to disable all tones.
Short Click to enable a single tone
for all keys.
DTMF to turn on a different DTMF
tone for each key.