Customizing your IP Phone 1210—advanced features
Use the following procedure to select a language
Note: The language setting only controls the language used in the
local menus on your phone. To select the language for features on
your phone, press the Services key, select Telephone Options, and
select Language…
2. Local Diagnostics
The 2. Local Diagnostics submenu offers the following choices:
IP Set and DHCP Information - View reports about IPPhone 1210
and DHCP operation.
Network Diagnostic Tools - Diagnose network problems using ping
and trace route tools.
Ethernet Statistics tool - View reports about Ethernet operation.
IP Network Statistics - View reports about network operation.
1. Press the Services key twice to open
the Local Tools menu, press the 1 key
on the dialpad to select 1.Preferences,
and press the 2 key to select
2. Press the up or down keys to scroll, and
select the desired language (for
example, German [Deutsche]).
3. Press the Enter key to save the
4. Press the Cancel key to exit the
Preferences menu without saving the