Operating your IP Phone 1210
Using Radio Page
Use the Radio Page feature to page a user and stay on the line until the
called party answers. The paged user answers the call after entering a
special Page Meet-Me code from any IP Phone.

Using Automatic Preselection (Meet-Me page)

Perform the following procedure to use Automatic Preselection.
2. Dial the Page Trunk Access Code to
complete the connection to the page
3. Make your announcement.
4. Press the Goodbye key.
1. Lift the handset.
2. Dial the Radio Paging Access FFC.
You hear the paging tone (two beeps
followed by a dial tone).
3. Dial the number of the party you want to
After dialing, you hear the ringback tone.
The paged party can use any IP Phone
to enter a Radio Paging Answer FFC
and their own DN number.