Terms you should know
Feature display
An area that shows status information about the feature in use. It
also displays the name and status of the active session.
Feature Status Lamp indicator
An LCD or an LED that indicates a data message, contact, or
feature status by a flash, wink, steady on, or off.
Fixed key
The hard-labeled keys on your IP Phone.
Flexible Feature Codes (FFCs)
Specialized codes entered using the dialpad that enable features
(for example, Ring Again).
Goodbye key
A fixed key used to end an active call.
An LCD or an LED that indicates the status of a feature by the
flash, wink, steady on, or off.
Information display
Any display of call activity, lists, prompts, and status of calls. If the
text message exceeds the available display area, a scroll arrow
icon indicates that you must use the scroll keys to view the
remaining text.
Interrupted dial tone
A broken or pulsed dial tone that sounds when you access some
features on your IP Phone.
A fixed key on your IP Phone1140E that connects to your voice
messaging system when the key is pressed.