Customizing your IP Phone 1210—advanced features
When you work in Edit mode, the first field of the item is selected and a
blinking cursor appears to the right of the current edit position. Table7 on
page 55 describes the navigation key functions in Edit mode.
Note: Special characters are under 1digit key. By repeatedly pressing
1, the characters circle in the following sequence: 1, _, -, ., !, @, $, %,
&, +, :, /, \.
Right arrow key Go to the next Edit item.
Left arrow key Go to the previous Edit item.
Enter key Turn Edit mode on or off.
Select or clear a check box.
Table 7: Navigation key functions in Edit mode
Key Function
Down arrow keys Open the list.
Select the next menu item
Up arrow keys Select the previous menu item
Right arrow key Select the current list item
Move the cursor to the right
Left arrow key Delete the prior character in the edit field
Moves cursor to the left
Enter key Select the current menu item
Save modifications to the menu item
Exit edit mode box
Enter characters
or digits on the
Insert characters or digits at the current cursor
Note: Press the star (*) key to insert a
period (.).
Table 6: Navigation key functions in dialog boxes
(Part 2 of 2)
Key Function