Operating your IP Phone 1210
Managing calls during a call
You can use the following features during a call:
“Using Call Hold” on page 74
“Using Call Waiting” on page75
“Transferring a call” on page76
“Using Timed Reminder Recall” on page77
“Using Attendant Recall” on page 78
“Using Call Park” on page 79
“Recording a Calling Party (Caller) Number” on page81
“Displaying call details” on page 82

Using Call Hold

Use the Hold feature to retain your current call and answer another call.
Place the original call on hold and then answer the second call.

Placing a call on hold

Use the following procedure to place a call on hold.
Press the Headset key if a headset is
connected to your IP Phone.
1. Press the Hold key.
The LCD indicator flashes besides the
line on hold.
Note: Enabling Automatic Hold
automatically places the active call on
hold when you answer the second call.