Customizing your IP Phone 1210—basic features
Customizing your IP Phone 1210—basic features
This section explains how you can customize the features on your
IP Phone 1210 to meet your requirements.
Note: Call features and Flexible Feature Codes (FFC) must be
assigned to your IP Phone and supported by system software.
Contact your system administrator to configure these features and
codes on your IP Phone.
Your IP Phone 1210 has both server-based telephone features and local
(telephone-based) tools. Server-based telephone features are accessed
through the Telephone Options menu item on the Services menu. Press
the Services key once to access the Services menu, which has the
following menu items:
Telephone Options
You can use the Telephone Options menu to configure telephone
preferences. For more information, see “Telephone Options” on
page 36.
Password Admin
You can use the Password Admin menu to assign or modify the
Station Control Password. For more information, see “Managing your
Station Control Password” on page 50
Virtual Office Login
The Virtual Office Login menu is available on the IPPhone 1210. You
must configure the Class of Service for Virtual Office.
Note: The Password Admin, Virtual Office Login, and Test Local
Mode menus are not available on all IPPhone 1210 phones. Consult
your system administrator.

Telephone Options

The Telephone Options menu item provides you with access to the
following features on your IP Phone 1210: