Installing your IP Phone 1210
1. Plug the headset cord into the headset jack on the back of the IP
Phone marked with the ) symbol.
Figure 3 on page 31 shows the connections on the back of the IP
2. Thread the cord through the channel in the side of the foot stand.
3. Set up the headset according to the headset instructions.
Connecting the power (optional)
Your IP Phone supports AC power and Power over Ethernet (PoE). For
AC power, use only the Nortel-approved Global Power Supply
(N0146475) and the country-specific IEC cable that you can order
separately. To use PoE, your connected LAN must support PoE.
Note: Your IPPhone 1210 supports AC power and PoE options,
including IEEE 802.3 standard power. To use local AC power, you can
order the optional AC adapter separately. To use PoE, where power is
delivered over the CAT5 cable, the LAN must support PoE, and you
do not require an AC adapter.
1. Connect the DC barrel connector to the power jack on the back of the
IP Phone.
2. Thread the cable through the channel in the foot stand to secure the
3. Plug the country-specific IEC cable into the Global Power Supply,
and then plug the Global Power Supply into the nearest AC power
Use your IP Phone 1210 with the
approved Nortel AC Adapter (model