Operating your IP Phone 1210

Answering a Radio Page

If you carry a Radio Pager, a page indicates that a caller tried to reach
you by dialing your DN. If the Radio Page system is configured to function
in Meet-me mode, you can answer the page call from any IP Phone.
Miscellaneous Call Features
Some call features are available only if your system administrator
configures them. Contact your system administrator to determine if the
following call features are available.
“Charging a call or charging a forced call” on page 99
“Using Privacy Release” on page103

Charging a call or charging a forced call

Use the Call Charge feature to charge a call to a specific account. The
Forced Charge feature charges long-distance calls from an IP Phone that
is restricted to local calls.
1. Lift the handset.
2. Dial the Radio Page Answer FFC.
You hear the paging tone.
3. Dial your own DN to connect to the
paging caller.
If the caller disconnects, you hear a
steadily lit high-pitched (number
unavailable) tone.