Customizing your IP Phone 1210—basic features
“Adjusting volume” on page38
“Adjusting the display screen contrast” on page39
“Selecting a language” on page40
“Selecting date and time format” on page41
“Accessing display diagnostics” on page41
“Selecting a local dialpad tone” on page42
“Viewing IP Phone information” on page43
“Performing diagnostics” on page44
“Selecting a ring type” on page45
“Enabling or disabling Call Timer” on page46
“Enabling OnHook Default Path” on page47
“Configuring Live Dialpad” on page 47
Note: If a menu includes a submenu, an ellipsis (...) appears after the
Use the following procedure to use the Telephone Options menu.
1. Press the Services key.
2. Press the up or down keys to scroll and
select Telephone Options.
3. Press the Enter key.
4. Press the up or down keys to scroll, and
select an option (for example,