Customizing your IP Phone 1210—advanced features
Press the Return soft key at any time while you customize the phone
using the Local Diagnostics submenu options to return to the previous
Local Diagnostics submenu. You can gather information and run tests
without exiting and re-entering the Local Tools menu. For example, you
can check the Ethernet Statistics, and then press Return to enter the
Network Diagnostics Tools to ping an IP address.

3. Network Configuration

The Network Configuration tool displays information that was configured
when you installed the IP Phone. This tool is for administrator use only.

4. Lock Menu

Your system administrator can use the lock menu tool to protect the Local
Tools menu items from accidental or unwanted changes. This tool is for
administrator use only.
Using Virtual Office
Use the Virtual Office feature to transfer calls and office IP Phone settings
to a remote IP Phone. You can use the remote IP Phone as if it were your
office Phone when you are out of the office. You can use another IP
Phone (the remote phone) to log on to your Office IP Phone. After you log
on, you can access the DNs, and autodial numbers, and you have the
same key layout, and voice mail features that are configured on your
home or office IP Phone.
Use the following procedure to use Virtual Office, you need your DN and
a preconfigured SCPW. You must activate Virtual Office on your Office
phone before you can connect to it from a remote phone. See “Logging in
to Virtual Office” on page 60.
Local Diagnostics, Network Configuration,
and Lock Menu tools are for the system
administrator use only.