Troubleshooting your IP Phone 1210
Troubleshooting your IP Phone 1210
This section provides basic information about troubleshooting your
IP Phone 1210 if Virtual Office causes a problem. For additional help, see
“How to get help” on page 20.

Virtual Office

Table 10 lists error messages and describes actions to correct the
Table 10: Troubleshooting Virtual Office (Part 1 of 4)
message Probable cause Action
Busy, try again Remote IP Phone is
active (not idle).
Wait for remote IP
Phone to become idle
and try again.
ACD is logged on. Log off ACD IP Phone
before you initiate
Virtual Office from
another IP Phone.
Make Set Busy is
inactive on ACD IP
Configure Make Set
Busy active on ACD IP
Invalid ID (1) Incorrect User ID
Enter correct User ID.
User ID is not in
Gatekeeper database.
Notify system