Power sources
When unplugging the unit from the wall outlet, always pull
on the plug, not the AC power cord.
DO NOT handle the AC power cord with wet
Moisture condensation
Moisture may condense on the lenses inside the unit in the
following cases:
After starting to heat the room.
In a damp room.
If the unit is brought directly from a cold to a warm place.
Should this occur, the unit may malfunction. In this case,
leave the unit turned on for a few hours until the moisture
evaporates, unplug the AC power cord, then plug it in again.
Should any metallic object or liquid fall into the unit,
unplug the AC power cord and consult your dealer before
operating any further.
If you are not going to operate the unit for an extended
period of time, unplug the AC power cord from the wall
DO NOT disassemble the unit since there are no
user serviceable parts inside.
If anything goes wrong, unplug the AC power cord and
consult your dealer.
About This Manual
This manual is organized as follows:
This manual mainly explains operations using the
buttons on the remote control.
You can use the buttons both on the remote control and
on the unit for the same operations if they have the
same or similar names (or marks), unless mentioned
Basic and common information that is the same for many
functions is grouped in one place, and is not repeated for
each procedure. For instance, we do not repeat the
information about turning on/off the unit, setting the
volume, changing the sound effects, and others, which are
explained in the section “Basic and Common Operations”
on pages 9 to 12.
The following symbols are used in this manual:
Gives you warning and caution to prevent
damage or risk of fire/electric shock.
In addition, we put information here about
conditions which will prevent getting the best
possible performance from the unit.
Gives you information and hints you need to
Install in a place which is level, dry and neither too hot nor
too cold—between 5˚C and 35˚C.
Install the unit in a location with adequate ventilation to
prevent internal heat buildup.
Leave sufficient distance between the unit and the TV.
Keep the speakers away from the TV to avoid interference
with TV.
DO NOT install the unit in a location near heat
sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight,
excessive dust or vibration.
We would like to thank you for purchasing one of our JVC products.
Before operating this unit, read this manual carefully and thoroughly to
obtain the best possible performance from your unit, and retain this manual
for future reference.
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