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Sharing content

Apps and features

Sharing content

Share content by using various sharing options. The following actions are an example of sharing images.



You may incur additional charges when sharing files via the mobile network.

Launch the Gallery app and select an image.

Tap Using additional features and select a sharing method, such as message and email.

When you have a communication or sharing history, the people you contacted will appear on the sharing options panel. To directly share content with them via the corresponding app, select a person’s icon. If the feature is not activated, launch the Settings app, tap Advanced features, and then tap the Direct share switch to activate it.

Using additional features

Link Sharing: Share large files. Upload files to the Samsung storage server and share them with others via a Web link or a code. To use this feature, your phone number must be verified.

Share to device: Share content with nearby devices via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, or with Samsung Connect supported devices. You can also view your device’s displayed content on a large screen by connecting your device to a screen mirroring-enabled TV or monitor.

When the image is sent to the recipients’ devices, a notification will appear on their devices. Tap the notification to view or download the image.


Page 139
Image 139
Samsung SM-A530FZBATIM, SM-A530FZDDXEF, SM-A530FZVDXEF manual Sharing content, Using additional features, Apps and features