The printer
does not print.
The printer driver may
be incorrectly installed.
Reinstall the printer driver; see page 2.19.
Try printing a demo page.
The printer is
Check the display message on the control
panel to determine if the printer is
indicating a system error.
Printer selects
print materials
from the wrong
paper source.
The paper source
selection in the printer
properties may be
For many software applications, the paper
source selection is found under the


tab within the printer properties. Select the
correct paper source. See page 5.7.
Paper does not
feed into the
Paper has not been
loaded correctly.
Remove paper from the tray and reload it
There is too much
paper in the paper tray.
Remove excess paper from the tray.
The paper is too thick. Use only paper that meets the specifications
required by the printer.
Print job is
extremely slow.
The job may be very
Reduce the complexity of the page or try
adjusting the print quality settings.
The maximum print speed of your printer is 24
PPM (pages per minute) for A4-sized paper or
25 PPM for Letter-sized paper.
If using Windows 9x/
Me, the Spooling
Setting may be set
From the Start menu, choose Settings and
Printers. Right-click the TallyGenicom
9025 PCL 6 printer icon, choose
Properties, click the Details tab, and then
choose the Spool Settings button. Select
the desired spool setting.
The computer may
have insufficient
memory (RAM).
Install more memory in your printer. See
“Installing Memory DIMM” on page E.3.
Half the page is
The page layout is too
Simplify the page layout and remove any
unnecessary graphics from the document.
Install more memory in your printer. See
“Installing Memory DIMM” on page E.3.
The page orientation
setting may be
Change the page orientation in your
application. See page 5.3.
The paper size and the
paper size settings do
not match.
Ensure that the paper size in the printer
driver settings matches the paper in the
Problem Possible Cause Solution