Using the Toner Save Mode
Toner Save mode allows the printer to use less toner on each
page. Using this mode will extend the life of your toner cartridge
and reduce your cost per page, but will reduce the print quality.
This setting is not available with the 1200 dpi setting.
There are three ways to enable Toner Save mode:

Using the control panel button

Press the Toner Save button ( ) on the control panel. The
printer must be in ready mode; the On Line/Continue button
( ) is on in green and “Ready” is shown on the display.
• If the button backlight is on, the mode is enabled and the
printer uses less toner to print a page.
• If the button backlight is off, the mode is disabled and the
printer prints in normal mode.

Using the control panel menu

You can set the Toner Save item in the Graphics menu to turn
the Toner Save mode on or off.
For further details about using the control panel menu, see
page 3.5.