Maintaining the Toner Cartridge

Toner cartridge storage

To get the maximum results from the toner cartridge, keep the
following guidelines in mind:
• Do not remove the toner cartridge from its package until
ready for use.
• Do not refill the toner cartridge. The printer warranty does
not cover damage caused by using a refilled cartridge.
• Store toner cartridges in the same environment as the
• To prevent damage to the toner cartridge, do not expose it to
light for more than a few minute.

Toner cartridge life expectancy

The life of the toner cartridge depends on the amount of toner
that print jobs require. When printing text at 5% coverage, a
new toner cartridge lasts an average of 10,000 pages. (The
original toner cartridge supplied with the printer lasts an
average of 5,000 pages.)

Saving toner

To save toner, press the Toner Save button on the printer
control panel. The button backlight will be lit. You can also
enable Toner Save mode in the printer properties or from the
control panel menu. Refer to “Using the Toner Save Mode” on
page 5.9 and “Using Control Panel Menus” on page 3.5.
Selecting this option will extend the life of the toner cartridge
and reduce your cost per page, but it will reduce the print