Envelope construction is critical. Envelope fold lines can vary
considerably, not only between manufacturers, but also within a
box from the same manufacturer. Successful printing on
envelopes depends upon the quality of the envelopes. When
selecting envelopes, consider the following components:
• Weight: The weight of the envelope paper should not exceed
90 g/m
(24 lb) or jamming may occur.
• Construction: Prior to printing, envelopes should lie flat with
less than 6 mm (0.25 in.) curl, and should not contain air.
• Condition: Envelopes should not be wrinkled, nicked, or
otherwise damaged.
• Temperature: You should use envelopes that are compatible
with the heat and pressure of the printer.
• Size: You should only use envelopes within the following size
• Use only the Multi-Purpose Tray to print envelopes.
• You may experience some paper jams when using any media
with a length less than 127 mm (5.0 in.). This may be caused by
paper that has been affected by environmental conditions. For
optimum performance, make sure you are storing and handling
the paper correctly. Please refer to “Printer and Paper Storage
Environment” on page F.7.
Minimum Maximum
76 X 127 mm
(3 X 5 in.)
216 X 356 mm
(8.5 X 14 in.)