Envelopes with Double Side Seams
Double side-seams construction has vertical seams at both ends
of the envelope rather than diagonal seams. This style may be
more likely to wrinkle. Be sure the seam extends all the way to
the corner of the envelope as illustrated below.
Envelopes with Adhesive Strips or Flaps
Envelopes with a peel-off adhesive strip or with more than one
flap that folds over to seal must use adhesives compatible with
the heat and pressure in the printer. The extra flaps and strips
might cause wrinkling, creasing, or even jams and may even
damage the fuser.
Envelope Margins
The following gives typical address margins for a commercial
#10 or DL envelope.
• For best print quality, position margins no closer than 15 mm
(0.6 in.) from the edges of the envelope.
• Avoid printing over the area where the envelope’s seams meet.
Envelope Storage
Proper storage of envelopes helps contribute to print quality.
Envelopes should be stored flat. If air is trapped in an envelope,
creating an air bubble, then the envelope may wrinkle during
printing. See “Printing on Envelopes” on page 4.14.
Type of Address Minimum Maximum
Return address 15 mm (0.6 in.) 51 mm (2 in.)
Delivery address 51 mm (2 in.) 89 mm (3.5 in.)