• To avoid damaging the printer, use only labels recommended for
laser printers.
• To prevent serious jams, always use the Multi-Purpose Tray to
print labels and always use the rear output tray.
• Never print on the same sheet of labels more than once and
never print on a partial sheet of labels.
When selecting labels, consider the quality of each component:
• Adhesives: The adhesive material should be stable at 200 °C
(392 °F), the printer’s fusing temperature.
• Arrangement: Only use labels with no exposed backing
between them. Labels can peel off sheets with spaces
between the labels, causing serious jams.
• Curl: Prior to printing, labels must lie flat with no more than
13 mm (.5 in.) of curl in any direction.
• Condition: Do not use labels with wrinkles, bubbles, or other
indications of separation.
See “Printing on Labels” on page 4.17.
Transparencies used in the printer must be able to withstand
200 °C (392 °F), the printer’s fusing temperature.
To avoid damaging the printer, use only transparencies
recommended for use in laser printers.
See “Printing on Transparencies” on page 4.19.