Using the Tray1 or the Optional Tray2
The Tray1 and the optional Tray2 can hold up to 500 sheets of
paper. See “Sizes and Capacities” on page 4.3 for acceptable
paper size and capacities of each tray.
Load a stack of paper into the tray and print. For details about
loading paper in the Tray1 or the optional Tray2, see “Loading
Paper” on page 2.6.
Using the Multi-Purpose Tray
Multi-Purpose Tray is located in the front of your printer. It can
be closed when you are not using it, making the printer more
The Multi-Purpose Tray can hold several sizes and types of
paper, such as transparencies, cards and envelopes. You may
also want to use the Multi-Purpose Tray for single page print jobs
on letterheads, coloured paper for use as separator sheets, or
other special materials that you do not normally keep in the
paper tray. You can load approximately 100 sheets of plain
paper, 10 envelopes, 50 transparencies, 10 card stocks or 25
labels at a time.
Tray 1
Optional Tray2
Multi-Purpose Tray