Lantronix EDS32PR Installation of EDS4100, Package Contents, User-Supplied Items, EDS User Guide


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4:Installation of EDS4100

4:Installation of EDS4100

This chapter describes how to install the EDS4100 device server.

Package Contents

Your EDS4100 package includes the following items:

One EDS4100 device server.

One DB9F-to-DB9F null modem cable.

A printed Quick Start Guide.

Your package may also include a power supply.

User-Supplied Items

To complete your EDS4100 installation, you need the following items:

RS-232 and/or RS-422/485 serial devices that require network connectivity:

A serial cable for each serial device. One end of the cable must have a female DB9 connector for the EDS4100 serial port.

To connect an EDS4100 serial port to another DTE device, you will need a null modem cable, such as the one supplied in your EDS4100 package.

To connect the EDS4100 serial port to a DCE device, you will need a straight-through (modem) cable.

An available connection to your Ethernet network and an Ethernet cable.

A working power outlet if the unit will be powered from an AC outlet.

Identifying Hardware Components

The following two figures show the front and back of the EDS4100.

EDS User Guide


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Lantronix EDS32PR, EDS16PR Installation of EDS4100, Package Contents, User-Supplied Items, Identifying Hardware Components