Contents at a Glance

Shoot automatically


Î p.43 - 52 (Basic Zone modes)



Shoot continuously

Î p.47, 50, 63 (iContinuous shooting)



Take a picture of myself in a group Î p.53






Freeze the action


Î p.70


Take a blurred action shot


(s Shutter-priority AE)





Blur the background




Keep the background in sharp focus

Î p.72

(f Aperture-priority AE)



Adjust the image brightness (exposure) Î p.78

(Exposure compensation)




Shoot under low light


Î p.44, 57, 58 (Flash photography)





Shoot without flash


Î p.52

(7Flash Off)




Photograph fireworks at night

Î p.75

(Bulb exposure)



Shoot while viewing the LCD monitor Î p.96

(Live View shooting)

Image Quality

Set the image effects to match the subject Î p.67 (Selecting a Picture Style)

Make a large size print of the picture

Î p.64

(73, 83, 1)




Take many pictures

Î p.64

(76, 86)