Printing Images and Transferring Images to a ComputerPrinting (p.134)

You can connect the camera directly to a printer and print out the images in the card. The camera is compatible with “wPictBridge” which is the standard for direct printing.

The Web site below gives more information on using your Canon camera with various printers, such as which paper types to use.

http://canon.com/pictbridge/Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) (p.143)

DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) enables you to print images recorded in the card according to your printing instructions such as the image selection, quantity to print, etc. You can print multiple images in one batch or give the print order to a photofinisher.

Transferring Images to a Personal Computer (p.147) By connecting the camera to a personal computer, you can transfer images from the camera’s card by operating the camera.